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lucrative adj : producing a good profit; "a remunerative business" [syn: moneymaking, remunerative]

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From lucrativus < lucratus < lucrum .


  1. producing a surplus; profitable


producing a surplus; profitable

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Lucre, from the Lat. lucrum, meaning gain in terms of money or wealth.
Often it is used in a negative manner, as in the phrase “not given to filthy lucre.” from the Bible Bible verse 1|Timothy|3:3|AV.
From this, the term "the filthy" became slang for money.

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  • The novel The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan has a hill called Lucre where the character Demas, a deceiver, beckons to pilgrims to come and join in the supposed silver mining going on in it.

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lucrative in French: Lucre

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